For those of you who picked up the paper…

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First off, thank you.  Not just because you helped us feel better about ourselves as journalists, or because you helped us sell ads, but because you are the rare, one-sixth of the student population that wanted to be informed. As I prepare to leave my post as Editor-in-Chief and cross the stage at graduation, I take solace in the fact that you exist.

As a newsman, there is nothing more important to me than making sure you know everything I know.  Not to sound arrogant, but I’ve always found nobility in what we do here at the Griffon News.

I’ve never heard anyone on my staff say, “This would be a juicy story,” or “This will get them mad!”  We’ve always operated under the belief that our duty was simply to keep you informed, and it hasn’t always been pleasant.

When you commit yourself to accuracy and unbiased reporting, as my staff and I have done, it is inevitable that you will eventually have to write about mistakes and problems within campus departments, the administration, student clubs and campus employment.

The result of this inevitability is that no one outside of the journalism department wants to talk to you.  I’m certain that when Risk Manager Tim Kissock or President Vartabedian himself sees “Griffon News” in the subject line of an unopened email, they silently whisper something along the lines of “Ah shit, what now?”

The same happens with student groups.

I consider myself someone who has been pretty involved on campus.  Before I ever had a byline in the Griffon News, I became a member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, I sat in on SGA meetings (at one point even considering becoming a senator), I was the president of the Spanish Club, I lived in Scanlon for a semester and was even a Writer’s Workshop student instructor.

With all of this under my belt, you may assume that I have a lot of friends and contacts.  Well, I did, but my job here has affectively burned the bridges of my roads past traveled, and it’s been absolutely worth it.

I can say confidently that I would much rather live a lonely life as an honest-but-hated journalist than be popular.  I can also say with confidence that this isn’t about money.

The full-time, multimedia journalist position that I’m about to step into does not come with a plethora of cash,  but what I do is something that I completely believe in, and it’s because of you, reader.

I can tell myself that you are now more informed because you picked up this paper, and that that’s because of me.  This makes me feel like I did something that matters, and the fact that you picked this issue up gives me hope that there are still students out there who care about what really happens.  And I’m not alone in this belief.

So again, thank you for reading, thank you for caring and thank you for making these past two, amazing years on the Griffon News a possibility.

Oh, and if anyone from the administration happens to be reading this, I would like to say that, although we have locked horns several times and I’m sure plenty of you dislike me, you have always been cooperative enough that we could do our jobs. So, thank you.

I hope that this continues, because I trust that this paper will always be committed to getting the story. Be sure to check your inboxes.