Departments uncertain about SSA increase

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The proposed SSA budget would bring raises to many Student and Academic Affairs departments, but until the plan goes through, there are no definite plans for how to use that money.
The SSA proposal would cover the student labor and operational costs associated with the departments, but would also provide raises to those departments.
No department requested the increased funding they would receive under the SSA allocation. They also were not consulted about the amount they were to be allocated either until after the budgeting process was completed.
The amount of increased funding to the different student and academics affairs departments varies from department to department. For instance, Esry would receive a $6,000 boost to its budget and Recreational Services would see a $7,000 increase. The Center for Student Involvement would receive a $25,040 raise under the proposal, while the Center for Multicultural Education would receive a $23,300 increase.
Assistant Dean of Student Development Isaiah Collier said CSI would probably use the extra money for student events.
“Hypothetically, if it did go through and the president did sign off on it, one of the many things that I would love to do is increase leadership programs here, but also have more programs that students can socialize to further engage in the Missouri Western experience,” Collier said.
CME Coordinator Latoya Fitzpatrick said that her department has no definitive plans for the increase as of yet.
“I haven’t really planned out what I’m going to use that money for until I know for sure that it’s solid,” Fitzpatrick said.
Fitzpatrick said CME would most likely use the funds to bring in speakers.
Director of the Career Development Center Kay-lynne Taylor said her department is underfunded and the money would benefit from the department’s $32,000 raise.
“We have so many, many different programs that we don’t have anymore because we are so short funded,” Taylor said. “We get a budget that is from the university that is from institutional dollars anyway. So if there is any additional [dollars], that would be great and that would go toward our students.”
Until the SSA proposal is approved by SGA and signed by the university president and that funding is secured, many of the departments who would utilize the additional funds will likely have no concrete plans on how to spend it.