Brothers Osborne stay humble

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Brothers Osborne have climbed the country charts the past few years with their hit singles “Rum” and “Stay a Little Longer,” landing them a worthy spot as opener for Maddie and Tae at the spring concert.

John and TJ Osborne hail from the small fishing town of Deal, Maryland where they grew up singing and playing music.

“We’ve just been around it our entire lives,” John said. “We’ve probably been playing music since we were seven or eight years old.”

The brothers draw inspiration from many different artists from several genres across the map. TJ lists many classic country artists as the band’s top influences.

“We are constantly still inspired by artists, I mean we grew up listening to the greats,” TJ said. “I mean, obviously, Merle Haggard is, I think, every country person’s idol, Bruce Springsteen, to just really all over the map.”

The array of artists that influence the band impacts their style and sound, which John describes a mix of several different genres mashed into country.

“[Our sound] is just a collection of a lot of things,” John said. “We grew up listening to all types of music, everything from old pop songs and country songs, old rock, new rock, jazz, blue grass, so it’s a little bit of everything.”

The mix of styles is carried over into their first studio album “Pawn Shop,” released January 15, 2016.

“If you listen to our record “Pawn Shop,” you’ll hear that we certainly come from quite a few different places and backgrounds, but it’s very organic, very risky and very raw,” John said.

Their third single of the album, “Stay a Little Longer,” made it to number four on the US country charts. TJ describes the single and how it ties the album together.

“Every song on [Pawn Shop], whether it’s our single ‘Stay a Little Longer,’ which is kind of a different angle on a love song where it’s not about being in love or out of love, it’s that weird in-between phase, and our whole record is a bunch of variations of, in our minds, unique ways of saying something the way we would say it.”

The brothers co-wrote all of the tracks on the album and promoted their first few singles while on tour with artists such as Darius Rucker and Eric Church.

Their newest single, “21 Summer,” will be released shortly, just in time for the brothers to go on tour with fellow country artist Miranda Lambert.

“We haven’t been on tour with Miranda yet, but we’ve had some really great opening slots with Eric Church being one, Darius Rucker, Little Big Town,” John said. “When looking for those types of people, especially artists you genuinely look up to and respect, you learn a lot from them.”

The band encourages all of their fans to look them up on social media, where they love interacting with all of their followers. You can also check tour dates and updates on their website at