A Brief History of Student Success

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The Student Success Act, signed into action in 2012, is a Student Government legislation that outlines a $75 a semester fee for certain student services and a committee to oversee the allocation of funding.

The program was initially created to cover a possible cut in state education funding. If a funding cut had been enacted, student services— Esry Health center, Center for Multicultural Education, etc.— would be the first areas from which the Missouri Western would pull funding. However, those state budget cuts never passed the Missouri Governor’s desk and the administration was able to continue funding student services; so, SGA and the Western administration was left with a significant amount of money for which they had no plan.

That wasn’t until Jacob Scott, 2012-2013 President of SGA, proposed a program that would use the nearly $500,000 in annual funds to provide additional budgets for student services; but, his proposal included departments like Parking Services, Baker Fitness Center and additional money toward Blum renovations. Scott’s proposal was approved and amended the program one year later, by 2013-2014 President of SGA Katy Sisco, who approved a proposal-based system for SSA. This is the current status of the SSA program, and it allows university departments, students and administrators to draft proposals for what they would like done with the fee money.

In previous years, SSA funding has gone to projects such as funding for Blum renovations. Last year, money was allocated to partially fund Looney pool renovations.