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Dames Make Dimes (less)

April 12, 2016: the day thigh gaps took a back seat to a bigger more daunting topic– the wage gap. National Equal Pay Day, the day used to represent how much further women have to work into the calendar year to match what men had made in the previous year.

On average, American women earn 79 cents to every dollar a man in the same position would earn.

While some may argue that health benefits such as maternity leave validates this pay gap, (and even if that were a comprisable amount) most employers do not offer a full paid maternity leave.

Hypothetically, a woman working at a company for five years, making approximately $50,000 annually with a full 10 week paid maternity leave should only comprise approximately 3.85 percent of her income ($9,615.38) per child, not 21 percent ($52,500).

The argument that working women compromise today’s paycheck for tomorrow’s child is presumptuous and insulting. It also doesn’t take into consideration the growing number of women choosing not to have children.

Ohio Governor John Kasich is attributing the wage gap to women’s lack of professional skills. I don’t think that’s quite right either, John. For example, the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team earned $1.9 million after winning the World Cup in 2015 and that’s still five times less than the national men’s team, despite bringing in almost $20 million more in revenue.

So the question comes down to why is there not equal pay for equal amount of work?

Unfortunately, the wage gap is no longer solely an issue of sex, but of race as well. Statistics show that minority women tend to earn less than the national average of 79 percent. Latino women are among the lowest paid with numbers averaging as low as 54 cents to the dollar made by a white male.

Women make up roughly 47 percent of the total workforce, but only 24 percent of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) workforce. Despite being highly educated, women working in STEM fields tend to only make 83 cents to the dollar of their male coworkers.

Paying women less for the same work creates the ultimatum that women have to decide to be successful or what? Be a lady? I can be both. Your daughters can be both. Your neighbors, wives, sisters, friends and colleges ARE more.

Pay them what they are worth and stop dicking around.

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