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SGA Week

The Student Government Association hosted SGA Week from March 7 to 11 in an effort to educate the study body about their government.
Ida Haefner, president of SGA, and Brad Stanton, executive vice president of SGA both said that it is a time for students to get to know SGA, what it means and why it’s here for them.

Jessica Frogge, the administrative coordinator for SGA, said the event was an opportunity for students to meet SGA representatives.

“SGA Week is a week that is intended to get the SGA out with the students and explain to them what SGA is and what it’s about,” Frogge said.

Frogge also said that the Students of SGA are in charge of the event.
“It’s pretty much put on the senators and the e-board to be the ones to facilitate everything for SGA week, because those are the people that are out telling people about SGA and inviting them to our weekly meetings,” Frogge said. “They’re the best ones to explain what SGA does, what SGA has done and what SGA has in progress and what SGA can do.”
This SGA week included events such as Pie-a-Politician on Monday, Karaoke Night on Tuesday, Kickball/Dodgeball on Wednesday, Capture the Flag on Thursday and ended with the Lunch with Senators on Friday.

Frogge said the amount of fun events was due to scheduling problems.
“This year we started planning a little late, so we ended up having to move it back a week. Because of this, they kind of filled it with more fun events rather than political events,” Frogge said.
About $3,500 was budgeted for the week but Stanton said that there was no way that they spent that full amount.

He said around $2000 was spent and most of it was on t-shirts that were given away.
Unfortunately, the turnout wasn’t near as great as everyone had hoped.

Monday’s Pie-a-Senator event ended with the Senators just throwing pies at each other, due to the fact that no one showed up. Nonetheless, the Senators still made the best out of the situation and didn’t let pies go to waste.
According to Haefner, this year’s turnout was still more than last year, which she said may have been caused by a lack of advertising.
“I would definitely go for more advertising for next year. We’ve been a little late getting the word out there. These kind of things sneak up on us, which shouldn’t happen. We need to plan way more in advance, like months versus weeks,”  Haefner said.

Frogge said the event may be better scheduled to coincide with SGA elections.
“I would prefer that SGA week be during elections week. I think that would be the perfect time for SGA to really get out there and understand the elections and get to know who their candidates are,” Frogge said.

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