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Albright speaks on conflict in the Middle East

Western welcomed Jimmy Albright as the Spring 2016 Eggs and Issues keynote speaker, Tuesday, March 29.

Since 1988, Western has brought in a variety of keynote speakers to lead communal forums on current topics. Albright presented “Origins of Conflict in the Middle East,” entailing a brief history of the region, as well as overview of his archaeological discoveries, giving the audience insight into the extreme cultural divide of the area along the way.

Albright has been an adjunct instructor of archaeology at Western for over 25 years. He has extensively studied the Middle East and has visited Israel over 45 times for archaeological excavations, with plans to revisit this May.

“When I first went to Israel I was gone for a month; my wife and I went to Europe and the Middle East,” Albright said. “I went primarily because I was pasturing and I wanted to know about Israel and these lands that were mentioned in the Bible. What grew out of that were my travels in Israel, Greece, Italy, Egypt; I saw archaeology and I fell in love with it. So I came back to the US, went back to graduate school. When I came here, I had two different roles. I was at a church, but they were willing to let me teach here part-time as well.” 

Missouri Western Magazine Editor and special event coordinator Diane Holtz feels the event strengthens the university’s relationship with the community.

“One thing we really like about this event is it brings a lot of people from the community onto campus. We think it’s important to provide a forum where people can learn about all kinds of interesting topics and where the community can feel welcome to come on campus and learn as well,” Holtz said.    
The Eggs and Issues lecture series will return in the fall of 2016.

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