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Guy/Samenus win heated election, found “in violation” of 2 of 5 election discrepancies

Alec Guy and Connor Samenus ere announced as the winners of the heated 2016 SGA presidential election, over presidential candidate Brad Stanton and running mate Haden McDonald, Friday March 4. The results came after a controversial election committee hearing that deliberated five discrepancies alleged by the Stanton/McDonald campaign.
The vote, Guy/Samenus, 263, Stanton/McDonald, 216, came after the Election Committee found the Guy/Samenus campaign were in violation of two of the five alleged violations.
The election committee overhearing the discrepancies was comprised of four Western students, who each confirmed that they had no conflict of interest in the campaign, Jessica Frogge, the administrative coordinator for SGA and Shana Meyer, vice president for student affairs. After hearing testimony from Stanton and Guy, the committee privately discussed the allegations, and if sanctions might be necessary.
According to the SGA Bylaws, the campaigns violating SGA election policies can lose up to 10% of their votes for each filed discrepancy.
The committee, however, took a more educational approach to the election, and sentenced Guy and Samenus to write a “letter of apology” to the Stanton/McDonald campaign, and a two-page paper on “how to improve the clarity of the campaign rules for future candidates.” No votes were taken from their campaign.
The allegations and decision made by the committee are both available on the SGA website.

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