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Alpha Sigma Phi returns to Mowest

After nine years, Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity returns to Missouri Western’s campus to begin establishing itself as a new chapter.

In 2007, the fraternity went dormant after the members failed to recruit new members.

Coordinator of expansion and growth for Alpha Sigma Phi, Matt Weido, explains the circumstances that led to the fraternity’s return.

“Missouri Western wanted another fraternity and since we were here in the past, they gave us a call and said hey, how about you all come back, and now we are here,” Weido said.

The frat was founded in 1845 at Yale with the second chapter established at Harvard University. The only requirement to become a member is a certain GPA specified by the school.

“When we go through recruitment we just make sure that the individual is well-rounded, meaning that he’s just an overall quality individual,” Weido said. “We have a quality over quantity mentality for sure.”

With the fraternity being new to campus this semester, they will not be holding a regular rush week. The recruitment process for the frat will continue to go on for about another week and a half.

“It’s not like typical rush or anything, it’s individuals sitting down with me explaining the process, answering questions and really engaging if he’s a good fit,” Weido said.

Members who have already been recruited, like MWSU student Chuck Mosley, say they are excited about the idea of joining a new fraternity.

“We get to make it exactly what we want it to be, so we get to make it different than what the options already are on campus,” Mosley said.

One of the ways they plan on making a difference is through raising awareness for the certain philanthropies they are affiliated with as an organization, explained Weido.

“We have five philanthropy partners that we work with nationally, and the reason that we have five is that we have five values,” Weido said. “They all correlate with each other somehow, and so the values are silence, charity, purity, honor and patriotism.”

The organizations the frat works with that go alongside their five values, are Work for Homes for our Troops, The Humane Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Aware Awake Alive and RAINN [Rape Abuse and Incest National Network].

As a rule, Alpha Sigma Phi is required to raise awareness for at least one of the organizations. This can be done by hosting events or creating a fundraiser.

Right now, the fraternity is looking to expand its members and work on establishing itself as a new chapter. The founding fathers of the chapter will be responsible for all the planning, budgeting, and establishing the bylaws, rules and the constitution.

Mosley says the great part about being a founding father is being responsible for creating what the fraternity will essentially form into, and therefore encourages others to become members.

“The reason I think they should join Alpha Sigma Phi is because the fact that we are new; we get to decide how we are going to do things on this campus, and that’s going to set us apart from the other fraternities,” Mosley said.

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