Midday Melodies capture audience

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Despite the chilly weather, the Missouri Western Pep Band lit the Kelly Commons on fire – with music, that is.

Midday Melodies is an event that just started this year to showcase Missouri Western’s musical talent and to use the Kelly Commons space.

The Blum Union is meant to be a place for students to gather to interact. Various events have been held in Blum, but the goal of Midday Melodies was to have something more consistent that students can look forward to.

This event happens on the last Friday of every month. In the beginning of the school year different ensembles were picked and designated a month to perform. Director of Athletic bands Dr. Gay was happy to have the Pep Band be a part of the performance.

“We had a meeting in the fall, and we had all these dates set up for the gigs, and I offered the band up. This is the end of our season so we have a lot of tunes worked up that we can choose from,” Gay said.

Midday Melodies showcases Missouri Western’s music students and even the faculty. Martha Greer, the administrative assistant for the music department says that it has been beneficial to the department.

“One of the goals was to bring more activity to campus to up the energy. It’s nice to walk across campus and hear music. Another part of the goal was to showcase the students and faculty. It’s hard for people to attend events on the weekends, so this brings it right to them,” Greer said.

Greer is in charge of advertising, planning and receiving feedback about the event. So far she says that people have had very positive things to say.

“Faculty and staff have been really encouraging and impressed with it. They want to hear more and students have been really receptive to it, they really like it,” Greer said.

During this month’s performance, the Pep Band had a wide variety of songs that they played and even offered to play requests. The popular songs got the crowd to sing along.

Students walking by stopped to enjoy the music, and a large number of faculty was there, including Dr. Vartabedian, who is largely responsible for bringing this event to campus.

“Well, you know, I’m an old trombone player myself and love to perform and did musical theater. And since we created this space we thought it would be ideal to increase campus vibrancy, and so far it’s worked out pretty well,” Vartabedian said.

Dr. Gay, who has been playing instruments for over 20 years now, feels that music is something that can bring people together.

“It’s important to build a sense of community and team spirit, I guess. Its nice to get everyone to get together to listen to music. I think the campus needs more of that and this helps,” Gay said.

The spirit was evident among the students in attendance as they sang together and even danced around.

Right now the chosen performers are all a part of the music department. According to Greer, they will consider the possibility of opening up spots in the future for others who want to showcase their talents.

Stop by the Kelly Commons next month to check out the upcoming performance.