The Marriage of Figaro

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The Department of Theatre, Cinema and Dance are gearing up for opening weekend of The Marriage of Figaro, which is set to hit the stage this weekend in Potter Hall; running Feb. 19-21 and 25-27.

Thomas Delgado, playing the lead role of Figaro, gives a quick review of the storyline of the play.

“The Marriage of Figaro is about the events that happened before the wedding of Figaro and Susan, the two love interests in the show,” Delgado said. “There’s a whole bunch of chaos that ensues.”

Playing the role of the Countess, Skyla Booth, explains The Marriage of Figaro is the second instillation of a trilogy of plays, set three years after the first play, the Barber of Seville.

Booth says the play gives insight to the characters and main plot of the story in order for the audience to understand what is happening without having to see the first play.

“There’s a lot of exposition in the beginning so that will hopefully help the audience get caught up and explain, oh this is what happened, and oh this is who these people are,” Booth said.

Another interesting aspect of the play is the use of restoration in the language, setting and costumes.

“I’m really excited for the costumes,” Booth said. “We’ve taken this French restoration piece and set it in 1980s Miami. So we’ve got big hair, big costumes, shoulder pads, puffy sleeves and lots of fun stuff like that.”

Although the play uses an older form of language, it was important for them to also modernize many aspects of the show, Delgado explained.

“We’ve kind of modernized it in casing of like the sets, and the costumes and how it’s presented so that current audiences will be able to connect with it still while understanding the text,” Delgado said.

The play is said to combine comedy with important topics and issues from the past.

“It’s fantastic because it’s presented in a way that people will watch it and be amused, and they will have fun while still understanding kind of the undertones of the kind of serious topics of it,” Delgado said.

The production is different then many of the plays the fine arts department has showcased, but Delgado and most of the cast welcomed the challenge of it.

“It was a nice challenge for all of us,” Delgado said.

The show is set to open Friday , Feb. 19, at 6 p.m. in Potter Hall. For information on tickets, visit the department website at