SGA approves bike rack bill


Students will soon have more places to park their bikes on campus.

Monday, Feb. 8, SGA unanimously approved a bill that will spend up to $3,500 for a total of seven bike racks that will be placed around the academic buildings on campus. It will include the cost of the bike racks, the placing of four concrete slabs for some of the bike racks and installation of the bike racks.

The vote concludes a project that has been unsuccessful for several years. Co-Chairman of SGA’s Campus Advancement Committee Conner Samenus introduced the bill at the previous meeting and was glad to see it pass in the most recent meeting.

“This is a bill we’ve been working on for a long time now, and I’m happy that it finally passed,” Samenus said. “I’m sure the students that ride their bikes will be very pleased.”

Samenus said the bill addressed a lack of bike racks on campus.

“Basically, what the bill entails is the placement of bike racks on the inner parts of all the academic buildings, because that’s something that we are currently lacking,” Samenus said. “Right now we only have a few bike racks and they are located inconveniently on the outside, so this really helps people who ride their bikes, which is a lot of people on campus. If you look at the residence halls, the bike racks are just overflowing over there, so we really hope this opens up things over there to more bike usage. It’s really for the accessibility of all students to make traveling across campus easier.”

SGA Executive Vice President Brad Stanton said the measure will give students a much-needed place to keep their bikes.

“I think it will really help our bike users,” Stanton said, “because right now, they have to strap [their bikes] to poles, trees, or whatever it be, which is actually against university policy, so I think having them ride their bikes ‘legally’ is nice.”

SGA President Ida Haefner said the bill has some issues that needed to be sorted out before the project starts in the spring.

“In my thoughts, I think we need a little more discussion on it,” Haefner said. “I think we definitely need to find out the ADA [Americans with Disability Act] stuff. I understand it’s not going to happen until the spring for those bike racks to go in, but I think we still have a couple things to work out before we’re set to go on it. We’ll see how that works.”

Samenus said that the ADA issues would be addressed to ensure the bike racks are accessible.
“We’re going to be in contact with ADA to make sure that problem doesn’t come up and that everything gets approved with that,” Samenus said.

SGA still has some time to sort out any possible ADA issues before the bike racks get placed. The project is slated to begin in late spring or early summer.