Sanders, Trump win New Hampshire primaries by double-digits

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The first primary of the 2016 U.S. presidential race saw defeats for establishment candidates.

New Hampshire was feeling the Bern Tuesday night as its Democratic Party overwhelming voted for the Vermont senator in the primary. At press time, Sanders had 59.9 percent of the Democratic vote of the state. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton staked out 38.4 percent of the vote.

The Republican primary in the Granite State was also a good night for Donald Trump, who beat back multiple competitive candidates. Trump won with 35.3 percent of the vote, at press time. Ohio Gov. John Kasich came in second with 15.9 percent, followed by Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush.

Politics Club Vice President Brad Stanton said he was not surprised by the primary results.
“I think they’re about what we expected,” Stanton said. “Democrat-wise, Bernie was the expected winner because New Hampshire is more liberal and borders Vermont. On the Republican side, Trump shows that he has supporters that will turn out and Kasich shows he has the support of more moderate conservatives. I think the big loser is Rubio, who was surely expected to do much better.”

Meanwhile, Maddie Marx , President of Women of the Future, felt differently about the results.

“I’m kind of shocked,” Marx said, “Seeing that the margin between Hillary and Bernie was so wide, when it usually is very thin. Also, Trump won, so general sadness ensues.”

The next presidential primary is in South Carolina on Feb. 20. Missouri’s primary is on March 15.