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Pi Sigma Alpha to sponsor voter registration

Pi Sigma Alpha, Western’s political science honor society will be sponsoring a voter registration session Thursday, Feb. 11 and Friday, 12 from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. in the Blum Union.

With recent polling from the Iowa Caucus, Republican front runner Ted Cruz emerged victorious after obtaining 27.6 percent of the delegates support, as well as Hillary Clinton holding 49.9 percent of delegates compared to Bernie Sanders’ 49.6 percent; blocking out Martin O’Malley and taking on the title of democratic front-runner.

Although Sanders does not possess the majority of voters,he has been polling  approximately 74 percent of young first time caucus voters compared to Clinton’s 14 percent. Making millennial votes a key factor for a candidates progress for the New Hampshire Primary. 

Honor society sponsor Edwin Taylor acknowledges the younger generation of voters as one of the most influential groups in the upcoming election.

“Democracy demands that citizens engage in making decisions that affect their lives.Voting is the most direct way we have to try to get those outcomes,but if you can’t register to vote, then you don’t get to participate. As we saw just recently in Iowa, students in particular can have a profound effect on outcomes, if they engage,” said Taylor.

Pi Sigma Alpha Vice President Brad Stanton is hopeful that by getting students registered to vote, they will be more inclined to voice their opinions in the upcoming election.

“Students have a large voice that is traditionally unheard. Students being active in politics and participating in voting can actually change the entire course of an election,” said Stanton

Junior Madeline Marx is excited to be giving college students,who might not otherwise vote, the opportunity to register in Buchanan county.

“This is something that is kind of geared towards college students. College students notoriously have a low voter turnout, and a lot of that is, students just not knowing how to get registered, or when of what it entails. Our drive is for the students that don’t want to take out the time to go somewhere to get it done, where as we can bring it to them,” said Marx. “ We[Pi Sigma Alpha]  go down to city hall to be deputized, so we are given permission to register voters, so then all students have to do is bring a valid ID and give us their information, so it should be really fast and easy.”


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