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Heart Your Union

What do HIV testing, cookie decorating and henna tattoos all have in common? They could all be found at the Heart Your Union event that took place last Thursday, hosted by the Student Government Association.

The event housed a variety of student organizations on the second floor of Blum Union, and was free to all students. Brad Stanton, student body executive vice president, explains the main goal behind the event.

“Heart Your Union is an event that’s put on by the Student Government, specifically one of our committees called the Campus Advancement Committee,” Stanton said. “It’s designed to showcase the services and offices that are housed in Blum, and specifically in upstairs Blum.”

Student Body President, Ida Haefner, says Heart Your Union is used as a way to get students to see all of the different services in Blum that are available to them.

“One of the biggest problems about Blum is that people may go downstairs, and a lot of people use it for food, but there’s a lot of things once you venture upstairs in Blum that a lot of students don’t even know are up here,” Stanton said.

Many student organizations, such as SGA, Center for Multicultural Education, Center for Student Involvement and more, were present at the event to showcase the different services they have to offer for students.

Stanton explains the main attraction for the event was the free HIV testing for all students courtesy of Esry Health Center.

“One of our focuses is on the Esry Health Center, so this year we have HIV testing and then we’ll give out gifts for people that utilize the free HIV testing,” Stanton said.

Other activities available to students were free food, a photo booth, henna tattoos, cookie decorating and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory samples.

“We put it around Valentine’s Day, so we have cookie decorating and things like that,” Stanton said. “This year we are going to have what’s called speed friending. Basically, it’s like speed dating but it takes the dating out of it, so it’s just like meeting students quickly.”

Aside from the activities, the organizations, like the Organization of Student Social Workers (OSSW), found the event useful in networking with students.

President of OSSW, Ashley Buzzard, said they were present at the event to spread the word about their organization,

“I think a lot of people, if you ask them if they’ve ever heard of social work, they don’t know anything about it,” Buzzard said. “So, that’s why we’re here, to educate people. “

Students were able to win free prizes, participate in several fun activities and become educated on a variety of services offered by the student organizations all across campus.

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