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Eagle Scout fraternity officially recognized

Epsilon Tau Pi, a national fraternity for Eagle Scouts, has made its way here on campus, officially becoming recognized last fall.

Jack Malo, the fraternity’s education officer, explains the organization’s current status on campus.

“We are still going through the process of filling a chapter, actually, because right now we are still just a colony,” Malo said.

In order to become a chapter, the fraternity will have to continue to grow in size and numbers. The fraternity’s President, William Boeh, doesn’t see becoming a chapter as being an issue.

“I feel like if we can get about four or so new recruits every semester we’ll be fine,” Boeh said.

Getting new members may not be quite as easy as other fraternities here on campus, mainly because of the requirement of being an Eagle Scout.

“It’s sort of hard because you’re targeting like one percent of guys, but we do expect it to grow bigger, mainly because the Midwest is the highest population of Eagle Scouts,” Boeh said.

In an effort to gain new recruits, Malo explains that Epsilon Tau Pi held several rush events these past few days.

“We had some rush events this week,” Malo said. “We went bowling on Tuesday and on Saturday we are going to go do a community service project.”

Four Eagle Scouts are interested in becoming new members of the fraternity. The only requirement to become a member is to be an Eagle Scout or in an organization equivalent to that if you are an international student.

“Being an Eagle Scout means that when you were a youth you went through the Boy Scouts of America program, and you went through all of the requirements to become an Eagle Scout,” Malo said.

The main goal of the fraternity is to give men who have completed the Boy Scouts of America program the chance to continue their scouting throughout college.

“This way there’s an organization that they can go to to help further themselves through the scouting principles and whatever else they are doing on campus,” Malo said.

The fraternity is looking to expand their chapter by holding several events on campus, including certain fundraisers and community service events.

“We are throwing around ideas for fundraisers that are coming up pretty soon,” Malo said. “We want to try and do something during finals week as kind of a stress reliever fundraiser because everyone knows finals week can be kind of a hassle.”

Boeh gives some other examples of events they are looking into doing, such as kayaking or paintballing.

“We plan on having a fun event, like a get-together event every month as well as a service project every month,” Boeh said.

These events will hopefully encourage other members of the Eagle Scouts to check out the fraternity and look into becoming a member.

Malo explains that as the fraternity grows, he would like to see Epsilon Tau Pi reach other areas outside of Missouri Western.

“What I’m hoping for is when we get our chapter status, hopefully within the next year or so, we can start expanding out to other colleges in the state,” Malo said.

The fraternity is a great way for men who want to continue their scouting through community service and other fun events.

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