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Lady bits don’t affect politics

To genuinely allow feminism to flourish, society must give women the opportunity to voice their opinions without the preconceived assumption of naivety.

In a recent interview with Bill Maher, feminist “icon” Gloria Steinem made a rather unsettling comment “When you’re young, you’re thinking ‘where are the boys?’ the boys are with Bernie”.

This is disgustingly insulting, suggesting that women are obligated to vote for Secretary Clinton on the sole platform of her gender. It is insinuating that American women are not smart enough to think, act or vote for themselves, but instead we must adhere to the status quo of being ‘just a woman’.

Let me make something clear, I do not feel spiteful towards Clinton, nor do I want to condemn women that support her, she is simply not my first choice and while I feel it’s important for women to be active in politics, I feel it’s even more important for women to not be ostracized for their political values.

Many older female voters may feel the time for a woman in the White House is well past due, and I can’t say that I disagree. I am all for the prospects of a woman for president, but only if she is qualified to fill such a position.This is not to say Clinton is under qualified, it is only to say that a person’s genitals neither helps nor hinders a person’s ability to lead.

I consider myself a feminist, because I believe in equality above all things. I believe the issues facing our country are gender neutral and shouldn’t depend on what’s in someone’s pants.

While young women are more politically proactive than ever before, we are also being streamed into a cesspool of unresearched, politically discriminating literature that might make us feel.. well.. less than confident about voicing our own opinions.

If I have to read one more poorly written, poorly researched Cosmopolitan article proclaiming that I’m a bad feminist simply because I will not be supporting Secretary Clinton, I think I might snap. When Cosmo wants to stop talking about dildos and start writing about diplomacy, then they can take a stance on politics, but in the meantime I find it hard to consider you credible for anything outside the realm of winged eyeliner and the Starbucks’ secret menu.

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