The Voice Opinion Piece


Missouri Westerns The Voice is a competition that brings out some of the best singers on campus so why is it that the best singers don’t stand a chance at winning?

For the past three years the judges have coddled and babied the contestants telling them what a good job they did and how their performance was perfect when in actuality they were mediocre at best.

This year during week 3 of the competition coach Deir Dominguez started the night out by saying that no one should feel bad when they get eliminated because only one person can win and they are looking for the person with the best over all performance including voice stage presence and crowd involvement.

That night they eliminated, in my opinion, the best over all performers in the entire competition.

Being a performer is about engaging the crowd and showing them that you are having fun with what you are doing. Not sitting in a chair, standing in one spot staring at the microphone, or barely getting the words out of your mouth. The audience wants you to succeed. They want you to look like you’re having fun and that you want to entertain them. I didn’t come to the voice to stare at my Facebook page while waiting for you to stop making me uncomfortable with your awkward performance.

There were only three or four performances that were true to what Deir said they were looking for. Those individuals had dynamic performances where they showed the emotion within the songs, got the crowd involved, had extra musicians be part of the performance, and over all clearly enjoyed being on stage. Two of those performers were eliminated from the competition after that round.

The Voice is a TV show that is meant to help the contestants grow as performers and improve with every new week. So far I haven’t seen any improvement from the contestants that clearly don’t have any previous experience with performing. Now whether it is the judges or the contestants fault, we won’t know the answer to that. I can only say what I have observed throughout the course of the competition.

From what I saw the judges made excuses for why the performances didn’t go as well as they could have when in reality it was obvious that the individual just doesn’t have the talent to win or were not at all prepared and the judges don’t want to tell them the truth.

Stage fright is understandable and I get it, it can be scary standing up on a stage exposing yourself like that. It’s why I won’t get up there. I am in no way ready to put myself out there in that sense. But if you do put yourself out there you need to be ready for what is coming your way.

The judges kept telling the singers who would never stand a chance at a career in singing that they did perfect or how much they loved it, while the singers who actually hit every note and have a chance at making a living out of performing where halfheartedly told good job with a dismissive pass off to the next judge to talk.

Jacob Mills who has clearly been performing for awhile and has had lead roles in Missouri Western productions put on a wonderful performance with his rendition of the song “If I Can’t Love Her” from the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast. Every note was perfect and he used the stage to move around and get into the performance. He obviously has a lot of talent and knows how to engage an audience. And of course since he was one of the best performers, he was eliminated from the competition.

All the judges are concerned with is not offending any one or telling anyone their honest opinion. God forbid we let someone with actual talent win the competition, we have to make sure that we don’t hurt any ones feelings because everyone these days is too sensitive and can’t handle constructive criticism or being told that they might want to chose a different path for their life.

The way the actual show is ran, contestants get eliminated because they were out performed. The way Missouri western runs it they eliminate multiple people from each judges team after each round. Because of this, one team which has all fantastic singers will have to eliminate people even though they did better than people on the other teams. This leaves one or two people left on a team who are talented and have a shot at winning, but because of how things work only one of them will move on to the finale and will “compete” against someone who obviously is not nearly as good as them.

Latoya had the best team by far this year and was forced to eliminate talented singers each week while the bad to mediocre singers on the other teams got to survive another week because there was someone worse than them.

The way I’ve seen this competition play out for the past three years it almost seems like it is rigged. They basically eliminate half of the talented singers right off the bat leaving the bad singers with some good singers making it glaringly obvious who will end up winning. That doesn’t give anyone a fair shot at winning or actually competing. It isn’t a competition if you sound like Christina Aguilera and your competitor sounds like a bar karaoke singer.

No part of this competition is fair and the judges are not doing anyone any favors by lying to them. These contestants signed up for a competition where criticism and elimination is part of the whole production. If they are too shy or their feelings get hurt to easily then they picked the wrong competition.

The real world doesn’t sugar coat things and people need to understand that life happens and sometimes your mom was lying to you when she said you were the best singer in the world. Buck up and find out what your true talent is and stop wasting your time.

The world is like Simon Cowell, not Paula Abdul. It’s going to slap you in the face and knock you on your back side and it’s your job to stand back up and use it as a learning experience.

Missouri Western’s The Voice is doing its contestants a disservice by not giving them any type of constructive criticism.

Needless to say I won’t be attending next years competition unless the judges decide to be honest and the competition is ran fairly.