Griffon World Series memories

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The Royals’ World Championship was reason to celebrate for all of Kansas City and the surrounding areas as they defeated the Mets, four games to one, and won their first World Series since 1985. I was able to sit down with some of the key figures in Griffon athletics,who are also some massive Royals fans, and find out what this team meant to them and how they celebrated the victory.

Jerry Partridge, Griffon Football Coach
“I am a life-long Royals fan. I can remember in 1975 when we got picked to finish two in the division. We didn’t win the division, but I was just so excited that they were finally good. My very first favorite player was Joe Keough (Royal for 1969 to 1972), thats how long ago that was, then it was Amos Otis, then it was George Brett. So, I’ve been through it all. I’m the guy thats watching T.V. in the middle of September when they are losing No. 97, so I’m very true blue for sure and certainly excited about how good they are right now. Last year, I got up and hugged everyone in my family when they made it to the World Series. This time, it was pretty cool. I just sat there with my wife and son and watched it in my living room. I texted with my daughter and father, too, so it was pretty cool.”

Kurt McGuffin, Director of Athletics
“We had a bunch of people over at my house and celebrated that win. I have a son that is 12 and I was 12 last time the Royals won (the World Series). My dad was 42 (in 1985) and I’m 42. I’m just so happy because I grew up with them and I lived two and a half hours away from Royals Stadium and my dad took us to 16 baseball game one summer, so it’s just amazing. In 1985, I was in my living room in my house growing up, and I was in my living room this time. It’s fun and I think they were the best team.”

Dave Riggert, Voice of the Griffons
“Growing up in Nebraska, we would go to Kansas City every summer to see my aunt, uncle and cousins. So, we would go to two or three Royals games every summer and I grew up loving this team. The first World Series I remember is 1985… kind of. I was seven years old, but I can kind of remember a little bit. So, I’ve been a life-long Royals fan, and it’s incredible to see what they’ve done the last couple years and win a World Championship. I stayed up until 2:30 (the night they clinched) just watching everything I could, Fox Sports Kansas City, ESPN, MLB Network and just taking all of it in.”

Brett Esely, Associate Director of Athletics for External Relations
“As a life-long Royals fan, I remember ’85. I was six years old at that time. It’s scary that I can remember that, but I do. Just watching 100-loss season after 100-loss season, you just think, ‘Is it ever going to happen?’ ‘Am I ever going to see this in my lifetime?’ I think one of our staff members, Eric Kramer, said it best, ‘Watching this Royals’ run, over time they would come back. It wiped away all those years of bad taste in your mouth.’ What a great team, what a great feeling… Afterwards, I had a bottle of champagne and just kind of sat and savored the moment.”

Greg Dillon, Griffon Golf Coach
“Beautiful day and the Royals win the World Series. They just epitomized everything about never giving up. Every time they needed to do something, they did something and you got to be proud of them.”

Chad Edwards, Griffon Soccer Coach
“We had some people over to the house and it was just a cool, cool story all season. I just love the grit of the team and the never say die mindset, and that is what we try to instill in our players, as well. It’s just so much fun to see a group of guys that all love each other just come together with great leadership and play their hearts out for each other.”

Nick McCutcheon, Director of Athletic Media Relations
“For me, it was really cool because it was like everything came full-circle. I was four years old when they won it in ’85 and my son will be four years old in a few weeks. We went to my parents house to watch the game and when I was four, I was with my mom when they won, so I was with my mom again [that] night. You don’t want to wait 30 years between winning them, but for us to have everything come full-circle like that, it just made it an even more neat experience.”