It’s official- WAC is on its own

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After a vote of the student body, the Western Activities Council split from the Student Government Association, forming a separate organization Friday, Oct. 16. The ballot question passed a two-thirds vote of Western students.

SGA has been discussing the policy change for multiple weeks, but now that the students have approved the constitutional amendment, it has been added to the constitution.

“It’s official now,” Brad Stanton, executive vice president of SGA, said. “President Vartabedian has already signed the policy, so the split has happened.”

The vote passed amidst concerns of lacking communication from SGA to the student body regarding the change. But SGA Executive President Ida Haefner dismisses these concerns.

“We provided a link to the new constitution, highlighting the changes about WAC,” Haefner said. “Unfortunately, there’s not too much more we could have done.”

SGA Administrative Coordinator Jessica Frogge suggests that most students won’t notice any effect from the policy change.

“To the student, they’re probably not going to notice a lot of difference,” Jessica Frogge, SGA administrative coordinator, said. “To SGA, it’s one less thing that technically, probably shouldn’t fall under them anyway.”

But even senators and WAC members won’t notice any changes until next year.

The main revision caused by the amendment is the way WAC requests funding. Before the policy vote, WAC had to request money on a line item basis, meaning SGA could deny funding for specific activities or programs.

“Next year, WAC will submit a full proposal for funding of their different events,” Stanton said. “For this year, they’ll continue receiving funding the same as always.”

Though the change may seem redundant, Frogge stresses that the separation is in line with other universities.

“All of the universities I’ve talked to unanimously have their activities association separate from their student government,” Frogge said.

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