Column: Northwest Week

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Western has had a disappointing season, there is no question about it.
Northwest Missouri State rolls into Spratt Stadium with an undefeated record and top-3 national ranking.
Western is reeling off back-to-back losses and sits with a 4-4 record. They have injuries at quarterback. Their star running back has a fumbling problem. Their offense has been non-existent the past couple weeks.
No one outside of the Griffons’ locker room is going to pick a Griffon victory on Saturday, but that doesn’t and shouldn’t matter on this campus.
It is Northwest week.
This is our rivalry.
The Bearcat faithful will travel down Highway 71 and pack Spratt Stadium. In many cases, they will be driving just from across St. Joseph to come to Spratt and root against their hometown team.
Don’t allow Saturday to be a home game for Northwest.
If you want to prove that you support your teams, Saturday is the time.
The defense has been playing their guts out, despite the lack of production from their offense.
That defensive unit is led by Yomi Alli, Mike Jordan and Sam Brown. Those seniors have given so much to this program over the past four years.
Those players deserve your support. This team deserves your support.
Come out to the field on Saturday. Even if you don’t arrive expecting a win, arrive expecting to see a great effort from a hungry team, because that is what this group of seniors will deliver.