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Why I stand with Planned Parenthood

In the recent house decision, the bill to defund the health clinic Planned Parenthood passed with an unsettling 240-185 vote. If the bill goes into effect, the health centers will be stripped of several million dollars in funding and leave many women and families without adequate healthcare.

Personally, this makes me worry about the future of women’s healthcare. The bill was drafted after the false allegations against the clinics, stating they were illegally selling aborted fetuses to make a profit. Videos were released earlier in July, disgracing the clinics as nothing more than baby-chopping factories.

While Planned Parenthood may have a bad reputation from pro-life advocates, what many people may overlook is the fact that abortions are a very small portion of what the clinic actually does.

The healthcare clinics predominately deal with the testing and treatment of STDs and STIs. Over half of their funding goes directly toward cancer and STD screenings for both men and women. The clinic provides basic healthcare needs to low income women and families, as well as minorities, who would otherwise not have access to this type of healthcare service.

In addition to treatments, the clinic also provides educational outlets for young adults. Planned Parenthood has trained over 18, 000 high school teachers and staff for sex education course instruction, and as a result, we are seeing the lowest teenage pregnancy statistics in over 20 years.

Other services provided by the clinic include adoption referrals, relationship counseling and family planning and training for expecting parents.

The clinics currently receive approximately $528.4 million in government funding, but what several people seem to overlook is that none of the funding will ever contribute to the abortions performed by the clinics. Under U.S. Title X, government funding is strictly regulated to the financial assistance of contraceptives, family counseling and health screening services.

Private funding is the primary contributor to non-Title X procedures, such as the abortion services provided by Planned Parenthood. Defunding the clinics will not stop abortions, but it would stop people from getting their health needs met. It would eliminate approximately $5.2 million in family planning and adoption services; $475 million in cancer screenings; $1.7 billion in contraceptive coverage and $2.2 billion in STD screenings and treatment.

So, for those who truly wish to defund the program, I have to question if you are genuinely pro-life with misconstrued information, or if you are just anti-safe sex.


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