Griffons gear up for Gorillas

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Three years ago, Missouri Western went up to Pittsburg, Kansas and gave the Gorillas their worst loss of the season.

With three players from that game currently in the NFL, no one knows what to expect this time around.

Both teams are 3-1 headed into this meeting, with both having won their previous game. A few questions still need to be answered for the Griffons as they head into this week’s match up.

The most important question being, who will be taking the snaps Saturday afternoon?

“Skyler was not feeling too good over the weekend. He was slated to come back, but something happened,” Partridge said.

Windmiller suffered a concussion the previous week against Northeastern State.

Windmiller had been the starter for the Griffons in their first three meetings. LaFaver played well in last week’s Lindenwood game, throwing for nearly 300 yards, one touchdown and committing no turnovers.

It is unclear who will be the starter against the Gorillas.

“I hope Skyler is back, and can play,” LaFaver said. “I would not wish that injury on anybody because I know how that feels first hand.”

Headed into last season, LaFaver was the starter for the first game, but suffered two concussions in a two-week span.

John Roderique will be taking the snaps for the Gorillas on Saturday. Roderique has already thrown for over 800 yards and has four touchdowns.

Wideout Marquise Cushon has been one of Roderique favorite targets early. He leads the team with 14 receptions, but is still looking for his first receiving score of the season.

For the Griffon defense, linebacker Yomi Alli scored his first touchdown of his college career. Alli scored a touchdown on a 44-yard fumble recovery.

Griffons defense hopes to replicate bigs plays like that one, when they visit the Gorillas.

That may start with the defensive line for the Griffons. Alli thinks that their play lately has made his job easier each week.

“I wouldn’t trade that D-line for anyone,” Alli said. “Great bunch of guys, hardworking leaders. They do what we ask for and more. It’s a blessing to have those guys in front of me.”

See both teams in action Saturday at 2 p.m. at Carnie Smith Stadium.

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