Rush numbers released

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The second week of class is over, which also marks the end of rush and recruitment week for Western’s two fraternities and three sororities.

64 girls and 33 boys received bids from their Greek organization of choice on Sunday’s bid day.

While fraternity Phi Delta Theta (called “Phi Delt”) welcomes 26 pledges, seven new members join Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE).  TKE president Taylor Bryant offers a positive summary nonetheless.

“I’m happy with the amount and quality of the guys we got. The whole week was pretty fun.”

According to him it’s “quality over quantity” and he looks for “ambition, dedication and energy” in TKE members.

“We pride ourselves in diversity as well,” Bryant said.

Phi Delt’s president Colin Rosenow is equally happy about the tunrout of rush week.

“26 news guys makes this the the biggest pledge class since 2010. It was definitely a stressful week – and a big chapter effort. We put a lot of activities and events on, and a lot of actives attended, which definitely helped. I’m very happy.”

Still, Rosenow agrees that numbers don’t define what is a good or bad fraternity.

“Both fraternities are pretty similar. TKE is definitely a competition for us,” he said.

Overall, it is about having a “great Greek community” on campus, Rosenow said.

“The more Greek organizations the better. When Phi Sigma Kappa left campus it changed the aspect of recruitment. A bigger community attracts a bigger crowd of PNMs [Potential New Members]. Less competition is definitely not better,” Rosenow said.

Sorority recruitment leader Caitlin Edwards is happy with the past week as well.

“I thought it was a very successful year, especially with such a small incoming freshman class.”

Sororities Alpha Sigma Alpha (ASA) and Sigm Sigma Sigma (“Tri Sigma”) both have 22 new members while Alpha Gamma Delta (AGD) has 20.

Edwards also agrees with Rosenow and Bryant that it’s quality over quantiy.

“The amount of members in my opinion does not and should not matter. I would rather have five girls who are involved, go to events and run for positions than 500 who join for the social aspect and just to show off the organization letter,” she said.

The same goes for Greek life on campus in general.

“I love Greek life on campus. Having a small Greek life, in my opinion, is more beneficial. I love being able to know everyone in my sorority and the other sororities. It makes our friendships and chapter that much stronger,” she continued.

Although each sorority looks for different aspects in a girl, there are some values they all share.

“[They look for girls] who they can communicate with easily, possess the values of their sorority, hardworking, value school and involvement in high school,” Edwards said as she explained the selection of new members.

Joining a sorority is a great way to get involved on campus, as Edwards explained on last Tuesday’s sorority info night.

“It is a great way to get to know people and make friends. And there are also opportunities to run for positions.”

According to Edwards, it’s worth it to make an effort.

“You get out what you put in and your experience is much more rewarding when you go beyond what is asked and stray away from the bare minimum requirements.”

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