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The commons were filled with music on Thursday, Sept. 3, as students made their way to the basketball courts where the annual foam party was being held. Every year as a new semester begins, the student group Western Activity Council (WAC), puts on a party for all of Missouri Western’s students.

A machine is attached to a basketball hoop and dispenses gallons of foam to rain down on students while a DJ plays music. The event has been put on by WAC four years in a row now.

Candice Jenkins, the director of WAC, said, “There was a great turn out this year. 728 people came this year. The numbers were down from previous years, there were other activities going on that could have been a big reason why there weren’t as many people this year, but there was still a really good turn out.”

This year the foam party was not the only party happening on campus. To get the freshman excited about their first year, Griffon Edge threw a Glow Party the weekend before classes started. This party was meant to be a fun event like the Foam Party, but with a twist. Instead of foam, glow in the dark paint was thrown around and shot at the students.

Events like these are good outlets for students to enjoy their peers in a safe environment. Although the foam party has proved to provide exactly this safe environment in the past years, Jenkins could not stop worrying a bit when the Glow Party resulted in incidents involving alcohol and medical emergencies.

“I was a little concerned; I didn’t personally go to the Glow Party, but I heard the ambulance was called three times, but I remember from previous foam parties there was never really any issues, health issues or fights or anything else that had gone wrong with the foam party. Of course we had waivers that everyone had to sign, security-wise we had all of our e-board members there to keep track and make sure things ran smoothly,” Jenkins said.

Every year in order to enter the foam party, students have to sign a waiver that is distributed by the WAC members working the event. This was a safety precaution along with having staff members standing watch over the party.  

No extra security personnel was hired specifically for the event. There were no reported incidents during the party and everything ran smoothly. The only issues that WAC ran into were problems getting the area set up.

“We did have some technical issues with getting the tarp up around the basketball court but we got that taken care of. We were going in head strong, ready to get it done,” Jenkins said. 

Since the foam party takes place on Residential Life property, the campus resident assistants were also included in the people who kept watch over the event. Typically, parties such as this result in behavioral issues among the residents, and the resident assistants are the ones who handle it. RA Drew Miller was on duty the night of the event. He recalled that he did not have to deal with any behavioral or alcohol incidents, just an increase in the number of lock outs.

“It wasn’t near as bad as I expected it to be; I think they kept it under control, better than what I heard of the glow party,” he said.

The foam party once again proved itself to be a fun and safe campus event that draws a lot of students in, but the fun doesn’t stop there. WAC has many events planned throughout the school year.

Chevy Ingebritson, WACs co-chair of entertainment, explained more about future events. 

“On Sept. 16, there will be a “WAC Movie Wednesday” which happen monthly and the movie we are showing is Pitch Perfect 2. Oct. 21 is when The Voice of Western starts; it is a three week competition and the winner gets $1000.”



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