Convocation: Contradicting, disorganized and pointless

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Convocation was a disappointment.

I’m not saying this out of anti-conservative anger or a “down with the institution” mentality.

I’m saying this as an open-minded college student who attended what should have been an event that questioned my ideals and inspired me to act.

It did not.


Ridge criticized Obama’s recent nuclear deal with Iran, because it wasn’t “enough of a hard stance.” Yet, under Bush’s administration, Ridge did nothing in response to Iran when the country went from zero to over 5,000 centrifuges. Even Fox News, the most conservative news agency in human existence, criticized Bush’s VP, Dick Cheney, for their nonresponse to Iran during his administration.

Ridge criticized Obama’s handling of ISIS and again, lack of hardline responses, but Bush’s administration (Ridge’s boss) is largely responsible for the existence of ISIS. After Bush decimated the Iraqi government, there was a power vacuum in the Middle East; a vacuum that was quickly filled by ISIS.

Ridge criticized Obama again for closing Guantanamo Bay, Ridge suggested the Guantanamo could prove useful, as long as those locked away received “tribunals and due process.” Yet, once again, Bush’s adminstration created the program and is largely responsible for its failures.

Call to Action 

“Go out and vote.”

That is what I got from Ridge.

And that Tom Ridge is very old and has “less tomorrows than the rest of us.”

Sweet. Thanks for the blanket advice.

But what about all that terrorism stuff? Ya know, what you came to speak on?

Convocation is meant to inspire freethinking and critical discussion. Not to spread conservative propaganda and fear

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