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There are a lot of mixed reviews concerning the concert which was put on by one of MWSU’s social fraternities, Phi Delta Theta, and held in Kemper of the Fulkerson Event Center on Wednesday, Sept. 2. The beach-themed event was coordinated by Phi Delta Theta member Alec Smith and featured DJ Apollo who entertained the students with his “club banger” beats.

Phi Delta Theta is the only fraternity on campus to put on an event like this and it marks the third year that Phi Delta Theta has done it.

“It shows that we’re a force on campus so basically come check us out,” Smith said. “If anything, it’s a big recruitment tool. We’re the only ones who do something like this; but in reality we’re still Greek and hopefully a bunch of Greeks will be there intermingling with the freshmen.”

He hoped to get the new students interested in joining Greek life this way.

“It was a giant thing for me when I was going through rush,” Smith said. “Phi Delt had this really fun concert that I enjoyed so I kind of want the same idea. I want freshmen guys to come in and have good time and see that Greek life likes to have a good time, too.”

The theme, chosen by Smith, was beach-party social and he explained why.

“I just wanted something fun and easy. People can just come in in their Hawaiian clothes, flip flops and trunks and have a good time like a day at the beach.  Definitely a fun welcome back to school; a ‘Welcome to Western’ to the freshmen.”

The music, also chosen by Smith, was mixed by DJ Apollo and is classified under the genre of “club bangers.”

“It’s club music. Today’s music mixed with a little bit of old school hip hop rap. It’s gonna get people dancing and moving, it’s gonna be a ‘hey start having fun now type of thing.’” Smith said. “We had the room cut in half this year so it’d be tighter and more compact to really give it that club-type feel.”

Also part of the event was a surprise beatboxing performance by Terin Wade, also a member of Phi Delta Theta.

“The experience was kinda cool. The mic was hooked up to the DJ’s equipment and he was able to control the frequency so it was a little more crisp,” Wade said.

Outside of the concert Wade was able to interact with the DJ a bit before it started.

“I beatboxed and he actually rapped over it. He’s a pretty cool dude,” Wade said.

When asked about his thoughts on the concert Wade said, “It was a pretty good turnout for the most part. A good way to get out of the dorm and go do something.”    

While some students weren’t particularly feeling the music and atmosphere that night, there still remained those who genuinely had a good time.

A common complaint from students who didn’t really enjoy the concert was that there were  “people just standing around everywhere not really doing anything.”

Among those who enjoyed the concert was student Doug Deering.

“It was cool,” he said. “I wasn’t expecting anything big but I liked it. It had a real party feel to it.”

Further information on events and happenings with Phi Delta Theta can easily be found on its twitter page @PhiDeltMOWest.

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