My thanks for The 48 Hour Film Festival

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Last weekend, I was part of an amazing experience. I got to cover the 48 Hour Film Festival, where I learned the process of movie-making and all of the hard work that all of the groups put into their projects.

The films they made were only seven minutes long, so I couldn’t imagine what a full-length movie takes.

I had the privilege to go on set with NT Films and witness the making of an incredible short film.

Besides NT Films, I also got to meet other talented people, as well as a few that I already knew.

When I went on to cover the 48 Hour Film Festival, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought that, since it was a competition and there was going to be a lot stress, there was going to be a lot of disrespect and hot heads among each other.

But I was proven wrong. Everyone was nice and respectful, and I was impressed.

Seeing everyone’s hard work on the screen was a very exciting experience. All of the groups proved they worked hard and, despite the awards, I think everyone did an amazing job.

I also have to give a special thanks to everyone who was able to put up with me during interviews. As a journalist, I have to rely on other people, and every time someone gives their time, I’m always appreciative.

NT Films was kind enough to let me hang around the entire set until the very end, which was a good time.

I am also thankful to Dallas Henry and Alex Willemin, who both gave me their busy time for interviews as well as all of the information that I needed to cover the festival.

The 48 Hour Film Festival was also a learning experience. While I feel like I know a lot about reporting, there’s always room to learn more.

Overall, The 48 Hour Film Festival was a fun experience and I am very thankful for those who gave me the opportunity to write the stories.

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