Griffons enjoy Griffapolooza


On Thursday, April 2, comedians Eric Schwartz and Donnell Rawlings helped make the night fun and relaxing for many students.

The Center for Student Involvement hosted the comedians as part of Missouri Western’s annual comedy show event, Griffapolooza.

Schwartz opened for the comedy act. Schwartz has appeared on “The Tonight Show,” Showtime, “Comics Unleashed,” BET and more. He is a comedian, musician and actor from Thousand Oaks, California.

His energetic comedy and rapping is what kept the crowd constantly laughing and clapping. Schwartz says he was happy with the turnout of the comedy show and constantly reminded the audience during his performance.

He also comes up with his comedy jokes in a different way than most.

“I don’t think I have to come up with the jokes, I just have to let my mind hear it,” Schwartz said. “The funny is out there; it’s just opening yourself up to it and tuning yourself into it.”

Rawlings also traveled to Western, making this his second comedy performance here since 2012.

“Anytime someone invites you back to perform it makes you feel good and it sounds like you’re really appreciated and you just have to give it your all,” Rawlings said. “The last time I came here it was really fun and crazy, I came out riding in a golf cart and I felt like Michael Jackson.”

He is also an actor and radio host who grew up in Alexandria, Virginia. Most people know of Rawlings from his days on “Chappelle’s Show,” where he played his character Ashy Larry and later hosted. He has also had several other television appearances, including MTV’s “Guy Code.”

Rawlings feels that his passion to do stand-up comedy came from his childhood.

“Growing up, my mom always had a sense of humor and always found something for us to be excited or happy about and from there on, I just continued that whole philosophy with standup,” Rawlings said.

Both comedians performed for students for two hours, interacting with the crowd and telling jokes about life experiences, celebrities and more.

Junior Alex Anderson, along with over 100 students, attended the comedy act.

“I thought Donnell and Eric did a great job making everyone laugh,” Anderson said. “I loved how they made fun of the celebrities Bill Cosby and Taylor Swift.”

The comedy performance showcased an eventful night full of laughter as many enjoyed the humorous jokes by the two comedians who enjoy one thing the most: making people laugh.

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