Common basketball courts to be replaced

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For many years, the commons basketball courts have represented many things at Missouri Western. The outdoor basketball courts symbolize a welcomeness for anyone to start up a game and play.
Many students like to play basketball by the commons, along with sand volleyball. However, basketball is beginning to be played less and less. The basketball rims have been falling apart for many semesters.
Lanny Leivan, vice resident of the Residence Hall Association, believes not many students care for the rims.
“I believe that they have been used carelessly. The plan is that RHA and SGA are going to split the cost of the basketball goals,” Leivan said.
The estimated cost is around $4,000 dollars. Leivan does not believe the money will come out of the students’ tuition.
The plan is for RHA and SGA to split the cost as evenly as possible.
Austin Edwards, secretary of RHA, gives an insight to how much the cost will be.
“SGA and RHA have agreed to pay $1,800 each, totaling $3,600. RHA and SGA have agreed to go half and half when it comes to paying for the new basketball goals. In previous years, RHA has paid for the restoration of the basketball goals. SGA has agreed to pay half, as well as add a sign onto goals notifying that RHA partially paid for them,” Edwards said.
The rims at the commons have previously been replaced. Out of 5 basketball rims, only 3 are still up.
“The goals have been broken multiple times due to students dunking, even though we have signs advising against it. One basketball goal also broke during the foam party due to having to support the foam machine,” Edwards said.
The budget for the Residence Hall Association was around $10,000 and is subject to rise soon.
Megan Helt, senator of the Student Government Association, believes that nothing is set in stone with the basketball rims yet.
“There really is no final say over this. SGA passed a notice of action saying we would fund this project, with RHA helping out as well. Daniel Hager and Shana Meyer also have to sign the NOA to say they approve before we can go through with the replacement,” said Helt.
The new basketball backboards will apparently be here in the upcoming semester fall of 2015.

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