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Saturday, March 21, Missouri Western’s own Mary Beth Rosenauer participated in St. Joe’s Got Talent and secured first place.

22-year old Mary Beth Rosenauer is from the small town of Savannah, Missouri. She is studying for a Bachelor of Music Education. She is an SGA senator, campus advancement committee chair and she has proven that students of Western can and will succeed.

There were various acts performed in St. Joe’s Got Talent, ranging from dancing to singing, including Western Appeal, Missouri Western’s a cappella group, which Rosenauer is also a member and founder of. For her solo act, Rosenauer sang “Apres Moi”, a half-English, half-Russian song by Regina Spektor, while playing the piano.

Past participant turned judge Stephanie Gummelt spoke about Rosenauer’s performance.

“I thought it was intense, engaging, and gorgeous. Her voice has a wonderful quality and her piano playing is on point,” she said.

The performance earned Rosenauer the Critic’s Choice Award as well as $250 and a chance to perform at Trails West.

It’s a wonder that Western Appeal didn’t also place, as acknowledged by Rosenauer,

“It felt strange to win over them,” she said.

Rosenauer has participated in St. Joe’s Got Talent twice before and never placed.

“I didn’t go in with high expectations, so it was really exciting to win the competition,” she said.

She acknowledges that she was pretty nervous because of previous years and that she practiced a lot to prepare for the competition.

This was accomplished by a lot of late-night practicing, she said.

“I would do my normal stuff, then practice in Potter from 11 to midnight,” she said.

Rosenauer may have even better opportunities in the future. After she won the competition she was approached by two different people.

“One from an Italian restaurant and one from Paradox theatre asked if I was free to perform so hopefully I can book some gigs outside of my band,” she said. Rosenauer happens to be in a band called Foxland. She also said she has thought about what genre she would consider herself.

“Probably a lot of folk or alternative, I do a lot of covers of pop music too. Covers are really awesome when you don’t have your own music written quite yet because that takes a lot of time,” she said.

Further, Rosenauer says that she is a big fan of 96.5 The Buzz, Kansas City’s alternative radio station.

“If you tell me you listen to that, we’ll probably be really good friends off the bat,” she said.

She also encourages others who aren’t already to attend one of the Buzz’s events, Afentra’s Prom, where the bands Vance Joy and The Kooks will be performing. The event takes place on Friday, May 1, at the Arvest Bank Theatre located at The Midland.

Rosenauer admits that she spends a lot of time listening to music.

“It’s kinda life, like I wake up for music which sounds pretty cliché,” she said.

Music just happens to be in her family. Her mother was a music teacher and she did music all throughout high school. It wasn’t until recently that she started to do solo acts.

“You have to get over your anxiety before you go out to perform on your own,” she said.

Rosenauer’s family is also very supportive of her musical endeavors. Her parents even went so far as to let her miss a couple days of school to perform in the South by Southwest Musical Festival with her band.

With some digging, it is possible to view some of Rosenauer’s musical exploits on her YouTube channel under her name.

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