Spring Cleaning

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Armed with a cup of coffee and Kendrick Lamar’s newest album, take on these easy spring-cleaning projects.

When we all emerge from our winter caves, you’ll feel ready for the new season.

With it beginning to be allergy season, I can already feel my eyes start to water and itch, along with sneezing every five minutes.

Yoga can help with the pain of allergy season. Missouri Western teaches a Kundalini yoga class which is called the “yoga of awareness.” This type of yoga focuses on breath and the different chakras (energy points) in our body.

Whitney Walser, a junior at Missouri Western, participates in the class taught by Susan Carter has gained an appreciation for this type of yoga.

“I’ve noticed since I’ve taken this class I breathe differently,” Walser said. “I can breathe deeper and it has helped with my asthma.”

According to 3ho.org, ‘Kundalini Yoga strengthens the nervous system, balances the glands, purifies the blood and cleans out the subconscious thought patterns.’

This is why it is called the yoga of awareness; it gives you the power to know how you will react to your feelings.

While working on your breath, you can also bring the outdoors in for a little fresh air. Open those windows and drive with your windows down.

Not only will the warm wind and fresh air bring a spring-fresh scent to the atmosphere, but the sun on our skin will brighten our moods as well.

To help bring out the natural glow in our skin, get the “fresh-face look” by cleaning your makeup brushes. The ones you use every morning should probably be one of the first things you scrub clean.

Instead, we pretend not to see the orange glow on the bronzing brush left over from our attempts to get the ‘fresh summer glow’ in the middle of winter.

You know, the awkward split between winter and spring can also be defined as the awful season when split ends appear like new budding flowers. Use a deep conditioning hair mask to revitalize those long locks of yours without having to get too much hair chopped off.

Catching the right amount of Zs over spring break means you’ll look refreshed and spring-like, but your pillowcases may be causing those breakouts to keep reoccurring.

Your face and hair build-up oil nightly, which means you’re sleeping in bacteria-filled covers. So, maybe start washing those pillow cases once a week or stock up on some new ones.

It’s obvious that when the weather warms up, we try to be healthier and more cautious of our food intake. We eat more fruits and vegetables, but now, it seems as if there are more reasons as to why you should keep your meals green.

A study conducted by the researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health have come to the conclusion that three servings of fruits and vegetables a day can make you happier and even keep you away from behaviors such as smoking and binge drinking.

Also, it seems working out and taking protein blends go hand-in-hand these days. There are numerous potential health benefits from consuming these protein blends. Elijah Broadus, a sophomore at Missouri Western, agrees that protein blends and protein bars have significant benefits.

“I have seen significant gains,” Broadus said, “It’s all about the timing of taking in the extra protein, outside of your daily eating habits.”

Eat more protein, fruits, vegetables and maintain a better mental health along with a better physical health? Seems like a simple enough decision.

When we all surface from our winter dens and get these few spring-cleaning projects done, you’ll feel refreshed and ready for the warmer days.

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