Senator Shewell’s proposal

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Senator Brian Shewell has brought a plan to the committee to allocate the assets for four basic areas: Baker Fitness Center, Health Services, Recreation Services space and International Student Services and Recruitment.

Shewell’s proposal leaves two years of the money for improvements to the Blum Student Union untouched. While it is only two-thirds of what was originally dedicated for the project, the Union would still be updated.

“The difference between [Dr. Cale Fessler’s] proposal and mine is that mine doesn’t touch the Union money,” Shewell said. “What it does is it doesn’t give the Union it’s third year that was promised to it, but it does not touch the two years that it has saved up.”

The rest of the money will address the four areas of need laid out by Shewell. His plan is also a continuous one, meaning the money will continue to go into these areas each year as long as the fee exists.

Recreational space will get 49 percent of the fee. This will help recreational space improve in accordance with the master plan.

“Everything that went in to my proposal… was connected to part of the master plan,” Shewell said.

The Esry Health Center will get 20 percent of the fee. This will help them absorb the cost increases from the switch from Heartland Health to Mosiac Life Services. That percentage won’t completely cover the difference, but it is designed to help.

International Student Services and Recruitment would receive 16 percent of the fee. This will help provide them with operational supplies for orientation and programming. It will also help pay travel and conference fees for two tours in Asia.

The final 15 percent of the fee will go to the Baker Fitness Center to help pay for the rental equipment they use.

“One thing with any proposal you need to think about is you are not going to please everybody,”  Shewell said.

Shewell’s plan gives some money to each area of primary need but not all of what each would like. Being continuous though, all areas would be funded to the amount they desire eventually.

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