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And action. NT Films was one out of the 14 groups that competed in the 48 Hour Film Festival.

NT Films is an independent film company in Missouri. They won the 2014 48 Hour Film Festival Audience Choice Award for their short film “Have A Jesus.”

The group leader this year was Russell Gummelt, who worked with Kelby Cluck, Jared Vincent, Paul Petty, Truman Vasko, Sydney Kier, Darrell Traw, Lauren Bergman, Hantu Kopek, Brett Keegan and Nathan Pinion.

Gummelt was proud to be in this year’s 48 Hour Film Festival.

“I participated in the festival this year because we have done it the past few years and loved it,” Gummelt said. “With our particular group, we work better when we work really fast and so the 48 Hour Film Festival is like our thing. These are the conditions we usually work in.”

Gummelt took to movie producing at a really young age, starting with Windows Movie Maker. He used his mom’s camera and started shooting silent movie films with his little sister.

Cluck, who is a student at Missouri University of Science and Technology, acted for NT Film’s project.

“I’m really good friends with Russell and all the guys at NT Films,” Cluck said. “I’ve done a couple of their films. They had me play the lead in their film ‘Bite the Dog,’ and so I just come back every time they ask if I mind acting for them.”

Bergman also acted for NT Films in the festival.

“I did it a couple of years ago because I was heavily involved with NT Films,” Bergman said. “Getting to act and be on camera is so addicting, so when they asked me to be in their film this year, I was really excited.”

The genre they drew during the genre drawing was action/adventure, which was the genre they were hoping for.

Gummelt thinks that their movie has come together really well.

“We finished shooting and I think what we have is really good,” Gummelt said. “I was having doubts when we wrote the script because we hit some creative barriers but we fixed it and I think it’s awesome.”

NT Films put hard work into their film, which may pay off at the premiere.

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