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Let’s Hit The Gym

Finding motivation to hit the gym is never easy, especially after a hard day of stressing out about life in general. College is much more competitive than it was a generation ago.

Midterms, finals, class projects and work schedules are just some of the things pressuring our time.

Granted, we may bring part of the stress upon ourselves. We’re lazy, emotionally detached and glued to Snapchat at all times of the day and night.

We find ourselves drained, addicted to caffeine and run-down trying to accomplish what seems like an endless amount of tasks in a 24-hour period.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s 2015 and it’s time to take our future and health into our own hands. Literally. Fitness is now available at the touch of a button, thanks to numerous health and wellness apps available for smart phones.

The thought of getting up and going to the gym is exhausting, but don’t fear: here are some exercising apps you can do right at home.

Cody (free) offers users connections to a community where they can share and complete workouts by following friends. It’s like Facebook for fitness. This app allows the users to track their own progress through a timeline, and other users can like or comment on the workout activity.

Human (free) is for those seeking a more relaxed approach to exercise. Human encourages users to reach your “Daily 30”  – move 30 minutes every day. It’s the easiest way to get healthy – whatever exercise you may choose. This can include running, dancing or yoga; all that matters is that you are being active for 30 consecutive minutes. Human will let you know when you’ve achieved the goal for the day.

Fitness Buddy (free for limited use or $1.99 for unlimited use) is the overall workout app. It not only provides instructions for exercises, but also plans and tracks your workouts, weight and body metrics and blood pressure.

London Bundridge, a sophomore at Missouri Western, uses this app and has benefited greatly from it.

“It gives you motivation that no gym can give you, especially if you go work out alone. You can learn so much,” Bundridge said, “Such as techniques and all kinds of things to benefit your body.”

If you want access to a ton of different exercise instructions and a way to track your progress, then check out this app.

Lose It! (free) is a great tool for accomplishing your weight-loss goals. This app creates a specific weight loss plan custom for its users. This app not only tracks your calories, but gives you a barcode scanner to help you decode what you are consuming. Lose It! can also connect to other apps and devices to help its users achieve their goals.

Fitbit (free) is the new craze for working out and getting healthy. For those of us who are broke college students and can’t afford to splurge on the Fitbit device, there is still hope.

“You can use the Fitbit app to manage your food, activities, weight and more, even without owning a Fitbit tracker or scale. However, in order to track your steps via the Fitbit app, you must have a Fitbit tracker linked to your account. If you don’t have a Fitbit tracker, you can still manually enter activities to get the estimated calorie burn,” according to

Hannah Pointer, a freshman at Missouri Western, never realized how inactive she was until she got the Fitbit app and device.

“My favorite thing about the Fitbit app is that I can track my runs and walks, and every half mile it tells me my distance, time and average pace. That’s really nice because it helps keep me motivated while I’m exercising and let’s me know the progress I’ve made,” Pointer said, “I would definitely say I exercise more because of my Fitbit because I always want a new step record.”

This app is convenient and functional enough to help you check the calories you’ve burned and keep you on your health and fitness goals.

With crazy schedules students have, it only makes sense to get a personal trainer that is available at any second. With any of these apps, you are able to accomplish your tasks for the day and still get a short workout in.

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