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Black and Gold Event Looks To Get Students to Sign Up

The Black and Gold Friday event was hosted March 20 in Blum from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event’s goal was to educate current high school students about registering for classes in the fall.

Tom Molloy, senior, explained all about Missouri Western and what the school has to offer on campus to the tour group. He explained to the students about the bookstore, including how to buy and rent books. He also explained how all students need to register their cars, and he pointed out that freshmen can have a car on campus.

However, he warned the students to watch where they park. Students who do not live on campus can use the Remington parking lot, for example, while students who live on campus are restricted from parking there and must walk to their classes and back to their dorms.

He also explained the different meal plans that students can have. They can either eat in the buffet and use their chosen student meal plan or eat at the food court. Before the event ended, he explained that there is a health clinic on campus, and that the bill is charged to your student account, which can be payed at the Business Office or through your GoldLink.

After the tour was over, Admissions Counselors Ben Rops and Dillon Harp further explained what the school has to offer. The presentation started with scholarships that Missouri Western awards to students, depending on GPA, restrictions of the scholarships and ACT scores. The counselors further explained about Griffon Rate, which is a new scholarship only offered to students living in certain areas that surround Missouri that allows them to pay in-state tuition, which is significantly less expensive than out-of-state tuition. Also, they reminded students about when scholarships need to be filled out, housing deadlines and the FASFA deadline.

Kelsey Guthery, also an admissions counselor, talked about the Black and Gold Day.

“The Black and Gold Days are kind of an opportunity for the students that are interested in Missouri Western to come out and see what we are all about,” Guthery said.

Guthery further explained that this is not the only opportunity to come down and tour the campuses.

“There is a morning and afternoon tour everyday,” she said.

Guthery further explained the importance about the Black and Gold Day.

“Black and Gold Days offer an opportunity for students to come in and take those tours. They also get to speak to faculty. They also get to eat in the dining halls so it kind of gives them a little more experience when it comes to the whole what Missouri Western will be like,” she said

Future students have been considering signing up for Missouri Western as the next step in their education.

Emily Holmes, a junior at Claremore High School in Oklahoma, was in attendance at the Black and Gold Day.

“I liked it,” she said.  She further explained that she will be signing up for the school and that she would major in PTA.

Molly Allison, a junior at Fort Osage High School in Independence, Missouri, gave her opinion of the school.

“I really liked it. I though campus was beautiful,” Allison said. She explained that she would major in psychology if she signs up for Missouri Western.

Other future students were able to talk to faculty members of their chosen majors and got to enjoy lunch afterwards.

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