Western’s first fraternity begins recolonization

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Phi Sigma Kappa, Missouri Western’s first fraternity, is going through a period of recolonization.

Due to low enrollment, Phi Sigma Kappa is set to take a few years off to recolonize their fraternity. However, they will still remain on campus.

Dr. Christopher Bond, the faculty advisor for Phi Sigma Kappa, believes that this is a good time for the fraternity to take some time off.

“Phi Sigma is in a state of recolonization,” Bond said. “That’s greek terminology meaning that the chapter is still here, and that it’ll take a few years to recolonize.”

But what does recolonization mean? Essentially, it means that Phi Sigma Kappa is taking some time off to rebuild.

“Sometimes, it is a crisis that has happened,” Bond said regarding reasons for recolonization. “Fortunately for Phi Sigma, it was just low enrollment and the number of actives that left from last semester through to this semester. It was just time to reboot the system.”

Treasurer of Phi Sigma Paul Godberson said that changes will take place over a couple of years.

“We’re probably going to wait at least until next year to start getting our name out there a bit more and let people know that we’re coming back,” Godberson said.

Rumors that a new fraternity may be coming to campus are just that: rumors.

“Another fraternity is not coming here yet,” Bond said. “I don’t know if they will or they won’t, and, if they do, Phi Sigma will still come back.”

But when Phi Sigma does come back, Godberson explained that the fraternity would definitely be going through some changes.

“One thing about Phi Sig is, what we were about before won’t change, but the way we do it will. Basically, it’ll be a lot more of a business-type oriented fraternity when we get back,” he said.

Phi Sigma is a huge part of Missouri Western’s heritage according to Bond.

“We are part of the Missouri Western tradition, because we’ve been here the longest out of all the fraternities and have an alumni group of 2,500, which is unheard of for a university our size,” Bond said.

As for when Phi Sigma will return, that date is unknown. However, Godberson assures students that they’ll return.

“We’ll be back,” Godberson said. “Phi Sig will rise again.”

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