Two Staff Retire From Missouri Western

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Mary Buckler, the administrator coordinator at the Physical Plant, and Lonnie Johnson, the director of the Physical Plant, are retiring after a long career at Missouri Western.

Johnson actually started his career at a different school.

“I came from a community college in Arkansas twenty-four years ago,” Johnson said. “[Western] is a good place to work. I came here in 1990.”

Buckler has been at Western since the start of her career.

“I have been working for Missouri Western State University 30 years as of today,” Buckler said.

She says has enjoyed her job here.

“They are wonderful people and a job you can depend on and a chance to work for a lot of people. The university will really work for you,” Buckler said. “There have been changes over the years since I came here in 1985. The campus has doubled and grown.”

Their co-workers expressed that they will miss seeing them at work.

“It was good. Both very knowledgeable and nice to work with. [Mary] knew her job well and she is a very nice person.” Craig Darrough, environmental safety coordinator, said. “Mary was always a very caring person and did her best to humor us. She will be missed.”

Shelle Browning, administrative coordinator, explained the job of the Physical Plant.

She explained that the workers of the Physical Plant are responsible for the maintenance on campus, the snow removal whenever winter weather moves in, making sure that they maintain the vehicles and make sure that they are filled up with gas and deal with making sure the heat and cooling systems work in the buildings.

She went on to explain that the Physical Plant also sets up the tables during events and activities at Missouri Western that requires them.

She explained that they also have a painter, a carpenter, plumbers and a locksmith since sometimes people can get locked out of buildings on campus.

She further explained that the Physical Plant is responsible for keeping up with maintenance and whenever there is a problem, Physical Plant also does repairs.

“St. Joe is a small city and the Physical Plant keeps it running,” she said.

The Physical Plant is located right across from the Kit Bond building, where the university’s maintenance is. It is accessed by the workers through a tunnel.

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