Top 5 Winter must-haves

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Top 5 Winter must-haves

1. Touchscreen gloves. Yes, it is possible to operate your smartphone with your tongue, but this method is neither particularly elegant nor sanitary. And since exposing your bare hands to the biting wind is not very desirable, either, touchscreen gloves are an absolute must-have in winter.

2. A mug warmer. Mug warmers work like tiny stove tops – plug them in, put your mug on top and enjoy your hot cup of coffee for as long as you want to.

3. A heated blanket. Heated blankets might not be the coolest winter accessory in existence, but life is too short to not let your inner grandma out and enjoy the toasty heaven that is a Sunday afternoon wrapped up in your blanket watching Law and Order: SVU.

4. Faux fur car seat covers. Leather seats may look nice, but they make your bum colder than Putin’s heart on a Siberian winter day. So put some fake lamb fur (no real fur!) on your seats and make the lower half of your body happy.

5. A bearded hat. Winter wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the merciless wind that sweeps over campus and bites people’s faces. People with full beards are definitely better shielded against it – but thanks to the newest trend hat that comes with a detachable woolen beard, everybody can enjoy the advantages of a protective beard no matter the sex or grooming preference.

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