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My Fellow Griffons,

With the kickstart of the centennial anniversary, now is the time to look back at Western’s first 100 years and to imagine the next century to come.  How will we change over the next century? What new buildings & programs will we add, how will student needs change in that time?

We in the Student Government Association are looking back on how our student government has supported our peers on campus over this last year.  We have made some big changes already – for example, we’ve put forward a new system in which our senators have been able to propose legislation that’s easier to submit and much more detailed than before. The new NOA/resolution system has been a great start for better transparency in Student Government.

In keeping with being the voice for our student constituents, we have a request to the readers of the press. This issue of the Griffon News will feature a poll, and we would like to hear back from you at regarding a possible funding shift. Our question to you is this: should we continue to provide the students on campus with the College Readership Program–free student newspapers (St. Joseph News Press, KC Star, and USA Today)?

With your participation, Student Government can better respond to your needs, and serve our students.  This is the first of many questions we have for you, so please remember to stay updated weekly with all of our Griffon media – including next week’s issue of Griffon News that will also have a poll. And as always, you can reach me at or any representative with information that can be found on our website.

We are looking forward to hearing back from you. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Best Regards and #GoGriffs,

Daniel Hager

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