SGA Notebook: FOC granted additional funding, set to impose more regulations

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The Financial Oversight Committee has been granted $15,000 in extra funds to continue funding students to go to conferences and educational trips.

With that extra funding, Director of Finance Brandon Grieshaber proposes new regulations to the Funding Act for the FOC to implement when reviewing funding requests. The goal is to continue to reduce the burden on students and organizations that wish to take these trips, but still not causing a situation where FOC has to request extra funds again.

“The revised Funding Act was made for the purpose of regulating allocations and to make sure that students and organizations are assessed fairly and effectively,” Grieshaber said.

“This is to ensure the longevity of FOC.”

The purpose of the FOC is clearly presented in the SGA bylaws.

“The FOC was created in order to review proposals and allocate funds to individual student(s) and/or officially recognized student organization(s) from Missouri Western University seeking funds for a conference and/or competition as defined by the objectives. The objective of the FOC is to make funds available to a diverse representation of individual students and/or recognized student organizations in order to aid them in the betterment of their organization and to the benefit of the campus community.”

Changes to the Funding Act in this proposal include lowering the amount of time before the conference required for turning in the paperwork requesting funding from 21 classroom days to ten classroom days and requiring individual students to provide 25 percent of the total amount they request and organizations to provide 50 percent of the amount requested. Students would be able to apply to have that requirement waived.

Student Judiciary
The Student Government Association also introduced a proposal for another branch of SGA.
The judicial branch would provide students with another option to appeal infraction to other than the current procedures.
The judiciary would include faculty and students, and a student would have the option to have his/her case appeal to the judiciary or to the Dean of Students.
It is unclear as to what types of cases the judiciary would handle. The topic will be discussed further at the March 2 SGA Meeting.

Campus Food Pantry
A proposal for a campus food pantry was also raised in the meeting. The food pantry would work with Second Harvest and provide students with a place to obtain food if needed and also accept food from students if they are willing to give.
The primary concern raised was that students would be more likely to take food from the food pantry and not as likely to donate. If this was the case it would actually take food away from Second Harvest, which already struggles to keep up with demand.
This proposal will also be discussed further at the March 2 meeting,

A moment of levity
Current SGA President and Vice Presidential nominee Daniel Hager congratulated Director of Communications and Presidential candidate Ida Haefner on being the next SGA President.
Vice President of Student Affairs Shana Meyer correctly pointed out to Hager that Haefner still has yet to be elected and that congratulations were a little premature. Haefner will be the only name on the presidential ballot, but students will have the option of a write-in vote.
Even though Hager was a little early in his announcement, Haefner and he are each running unopposed and will likely lead SGA in the next year.

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