Nostalgia Aside: Star Wars Battlefront II

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A long time ago, one of the best selling games of the Star Wars franchise was released.  Recently, I was able to purchase it from for my PC; Star Wars Battlefront II. I was expecting something just to occupy my downtime (what little there is) and at least relive the experiences I had with this game, but I got more than I expected. So let’s dive in and explore why this game is still amazing.

Currently, Battlefront II is still the third highest selling Star Wars video game so far, only being out sold by its predecessor Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Like the first Battlefront, this game is a first- and third-person shooter in which there are different classes of troopers to choose from. What set this game apart from the first game was the addition of space combat, which I will give more detail on later.

I have to say that this game really did hold up well compared to today’s standards of action or shooting games. I spent a few hours playing through the campaign called “Rise of the Empire,” in which the player goes through events throughout the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War through the eyes of the Empire. While this is a departure for Star Wars in general to play as the villains, it was actually a big positive to me. Not because it’s fun to be evil, but because it was refreshing to see this point of view and add its own storylines to better immerse the player and not just replay the same mission over and over again.

The controls of the game are still responsive and easy to pick up for a novice player, or one that hasn’t played the game in a few years, like me. There are still a couple functions in which the responses are slow – such as when trying to pilot a starship, it is difficult to turn sharply. There is also a delay in trying to throw grenades as a trooper, but it actually adds a little bit of a challenge in which the player has to compensate for to survive.

I have a love/hate relationship with the space combat. The goal of these missions is to jump into the cockpit of a starship and either fly around shooting down enemy fighters, or to board the enemy ship and destroy its internal systems. I do enjoy the missions and being able to fly some of my favorite ships from the movies. However, my problems stem from a lack of real variety in the space missions. The game merely changes the position of the capital ships and the backgrounds of planets or deep space. Another drawback is the graphics. Even though normally we try to forgive the lack of great graphics, I was let down on the look of the capital ships.

Star Wars: Battlefront II was a great sequel to the first installment of the series. Now that a new film is in the final phases of production, a new Battlefront will be released soon. So not only are Star Wars fans like me geeking over the fact that there is an Episode VII, but a new Battlefront will be on the next generation of game consoles.

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