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Students flooded into the Fulkerson Center in hopes of getting lucky as Residential Life and the Resident Hall Association hosted their annual Casino Night on Wednesday, Feb. 11.

Students participated in a wide variety of games including blackjack, poker, roulette, bingo and even had the chance to try their luck with the slot machines, in hopes of winning big and taking home some of the raffle prizes.

Some of the prizes included a touch screen laptop, LGE televisions or the grand prize, a $500 Barnes and Noble gift card.

Although the prizes are real, the students were not required to gamble with their own money. When students checked in with their student ID, they were given $1,000 in paper “max bucks” to gamble the night away.

Blackjack dealer and RHA member Matthew Glover was excited to help deal cards and distribute winnings to students at Casino Night.

“I wanted to be involved with Casino Night, because I thought it was really important to try to get out and help out [RHA] with events. It’s a good way to get to know people and make connections for RHA,” Glover said.

RHA President Erin Sprenger felt that Casino Night was a successful stress reliever and hopes to see more students at future RHA events.

“Casino Night is a night for the students to take a break from their studies, have fun and win prizes,” Sprenger said. “This is a great stress relief for students, because it gives them a chance to kick back and hang out with their friends and meet new people. We go to a relatively small school, but it’s still nice to get out and meet new people at different events on campus.”

At the end of the night, students rushed to cash in their max bucks for raffle tickets to place in a multitude of drawings.

The drawings gave away several prizes such as an Xbox One, blu-ray players and packages of Missouri Western gear from the bookstore.

Resident assistants and RHA members staffed the entire event, dealing cards, distributing max bucks, serving food and drawing prizes.

Despite putting on a tough face as the Casino Night Bouncer, Cal Griencewic enjoys being a resident assistant in Scanlon Hall for both the social and personal connections made at events such as this.

“There is a good amount of a social quality to the job, but I also like to know that when it comes to this job I am able to meet with people, work with them and hopefully put them in a better position than they possibly were in before,” Griencewic said.

In addition to hosting Casino Night both Residential Life and RHA have big plans for the rest of the semester to promote student involvement and increase social and educational awareness on campus through various programs.

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