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Missouri Western’s Canvas is an on-campus literary journal creating a product that represents the campus as a whole. It is fully executed and distributed by an all-student staff.

Dr. Kunkel, the staff advisor for the Canvas, believes this journal tells us who we are and the creative potential we have.

“You should read this because it tells a story about them and their University,” she said.

To showcase the best of Missouri Western’s work, this easy-to-carry paperback book contains not only short stories and poetry, but a collection of artwork, photography, graphic designs, original sheet music, lyrics and more.

These have all been submitted from our fellow classmates and alumni – people we see and know around campus.

Canvas is made possible through university funding, so it’s free to any and all students and staff affiliated with Missouri Western.

The student Editor-In-Chief Crystal Crawford thinks a creative writing publication run by all students is needed.

“Students can relate to other students in a way that faculty can’t,” Crawford said.

Canvas allows hands on experience producing a publication. The student staff gets the opportunity to learn layout design, editing, proofing and printing skills. Dr. Kunkel said these skills are important for many students.

“It’s hugely important in the English department because we have students who are earning an English degree with a Creative Writing in publishing emphasis,” Kunkel said.

Not only is Canvas creating a product to support the artistic community that is unique and touching, but it also builds connections between its students.

“If you can get your thoughts onto paper, in a way that someone else can read it, and they can relate to it, you might help them to realize that they’re not quite so alone,” Crawford said.

Canvas is creating an experience for other readers. It only works if members of the Western community contribute to it.

This documented piece of Western’s artistic voice conveys a message of the time we spent here.

“It bring worlds to life, it brings feelings and people, emotions that you never would of even considered before to life, that you can connect to,” Crawford said.

If you are a student who has any creative writing stories, a collection of photography or graphic design pieces, really anything that reflects your literary or artistic abilities, please bring your work to Canvas.

There is still time to become a published author. You can submit by Feb. 20 to Canvas, Eder 222.

There will be a launch party on April 30 for this year’s newly published Canvas journal. Students are encouraged to come.


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