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Making it Rain

A rare opportunity has come for a few individuals in the theatre department of Missouri Western State University.

A student-produced showing of Richard Greenberg’s “Three Days of Rain” will be shown in the Leah Spratt building’s Kemper Hall.

Why is this a rare occasion? Because student-produced plays have only happened a few times at Western.

The student director of “Three Days of Rain” is Christian Allison. He is a senior majoring in theatre and cinema.

“We were given that freedom to choose whatever play we wanted to, as long as it stayed within the requirements,” Allison said. “I chose it because it was a very interesting play that was unique and has never been done at Missouri Western.”

What intrigued Allison the most was the act structure of “Three Days of Rain.” In the first act, the actors play as three young individuals deciding what to do with a famous house. Then, in act two, the actors play as the parents of the younger individuals played in act one.

The cast of the play includes Riley Bayer as Walker and Ned Janeway, Kira Williams as Nan and Lina Janeway and Brian Dusky as Pip and Theo Waxler.

Bayer and Dusky are both theatre and video majors, while Williams is majoring in theatre and cinema.

Bayer thinks that “Three Days of Rain” being student-directed is a good idea and thinks that Allison is doing great.

“A lot of people, when they pick a show for student-directed, I would not expect people to choose this deep of a show,” Bayer said. “But knowing Christian, this is a very ‘Christian’ show and having him as a director has just been fun.”

Dusky is excited to both perform in “Three Days of Rain” and how the play has turned out so far.

“While there are several reasons why I wanted to be part of ‘Three Days of Rain,’ one of them is because it’s not often you get to see such small shows like,” Dusky said. “The play is going really well and we’re in that last week where we realize where we need to be and so we’re really moving along.”

Williams is also excited being part of this production.

“I feel so thankful that I’m a part of ‘Three Days of Rain,’” Williams said. “The story is one of the best stories I’ve read, mainly because it starts out somewhat present, like 1995, I think, and the second act is 1960, so you get to hear what everybody thinks and then you get the whole story.”

The story isn’t the only thing Allison is excited about.

“I think the cast is doing very well, especially with the limited time that we’ve had with rehearsal,” Allison said. “I think they’ve made huge progress in the short amount of time that we had.”

Bayer, who starred in Of Mice and Men and has been officially cast in Urinetown, also thinks the cast is doing well.

“The cast has just been really great to work with,” Bayer said. “I just love working in these small-cast shows because you always find the niche in each actor and always work off somebody. A show as unique as ‘Three Days of Rain’ has been really fun to work with.”

Before casting took place, Allison “blanked out” any outside ideas or experiences any of the cast members had to have a fair audition. He made the audition the sole factor for the cast to be selected.

Allison explained why “Three Days of Rain” will be shown in Kemper Hall instead of Potter.

“It does cut down the amount of audience members,” Allison said. “But I believe since this is a learning experience and because of the size of the show, they wanted us to utilize Kemper to showcase ‘Three Days of Rain.’”

Showtimes for “Three Days of Rain” are 7:30 pm on Feb. 13, 14, 19, 20 and the 21. There will also be a Sunday showing on Feb. 15 at 2 p.m.

Tickets are $12 for adults, $8 for MWSU faculty and staff, $6 for students and free for MWSU students with a valid student ID.

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