International Interview Issue #3 South Korea

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Name: Yeseul Hwang

Home country: Republic of Korea

Age: 22

Major: Musical Performance

How long are you staying? I’m a Freshman now and will graduate in 2018. I took the Intensive English Program for one year and last semester I started going to regular classes.

Why did you come here? First of all because I like freedom. Korea is very close-minded. And then because I want to learn more about other cultures.

What did you expect? I was worried about how people greet each other here, it’s a lot closer. I never used to hug boys before.

What came true/what didn’t? 

Favorite thing about America? I like the greeting because I get to hug people. I also get to meet very diverse people – for example, Spanish is the second language here and I didn’t know that before.

Least favorite thing about America? Food. It makes me fat. But in Kansas City there’s a very good Korean restaurant, it tastes just like home!

What did you think about Americans before? What now? I always thought Asian people respect each other more, we have a lot of rules how to interact respectfully with people. But I actually think people respect each other more here. Because people always say “excuse me” and hold doors open for me. Korean people don’t do that because they are so busy the whole time. Americans respect each other’s space.

What did surprise you? 

Favorite TV Show? The Tonight Show.

Worst/best food and beer? It’s hard to say because there are so many foreign influences. I like Mexican food, but it’s like an American version of it. In the cafeteria I like the noodles the best. I expected pizza to be different when I came here – we have Pizza Hut in Korea, but it is very different to American pizza.

What do you miss most about home? My family and culture!

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