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Griffons face Lions in home rematch

Hot shooting from Lindenwood was too much for the Griffons to handle over the weekend.

The Griffon men’s 32.2 percent shooting against Lindenwood last Saturday was just not enough to keep the Lions from slipping away.

Lindenwood shot 50 percent from the field to hold the Griffons to a 66-57 loss last week. Trez Colbert and Cole Clearman scored 19 and 18 points respectively, but could not stop the Lions offensively.

The Griffons will have a better chance of beating the Lions Saturday as they meet for the second time. Western will prepare for this game and get better judgments on what to do differently in order to beat the Lions.

Watching film and making adjustments will put the Griffons at a higher chance of beating Lindenwood. Dareon Jones talks about key points they’re going to have to change in order to win.

“We’re going to have to fight through screens and communicate better on defense, so they will not hurt us on pick-and-pops and pin-downs like they did,” Jones said.

Jones said when they look at film they look for the things that hurt them, and in practice they find ways to get better at whatever problems they have. Jones also tapped in a career high 20 points against Lincoln.

Brett Weiberg, head coach of the team, said they played a little bit cleaner against Lindenwood than at Lincoln. He said they didn’t turn the ball over as much.

If the Griffons can carry that over into the game Saturday, they will put themselves in a position to win.

“We’re much better when we stay out of foul trouble and when we can get into the paint and to the rim but, obviously, that’s what teams are trying to keep us from doing.” Weiberg said.

Lindenwood was successful at making Western shoot more jump shots than they probably intended to, forcing them to take more outside shots. However, Weiberg knows how important it is for his team to get to the rim. That’s when they’re successful.

Lindenwood is one of the top teams in the conference. Weiberg talks about defense and how important it is to be able to compete with more of the top teams.

“We didn’t defend very well, but our biggest thing is continue to get better. If we can keep some key guys out of foul trouble, so that if I choose to play them I can, as oppose to not really having a choice,” Weiberg said. “At one point they ran one play three times and got three three-pointers from it.”

Although Weiberg recognizes how good of a team Lindenwood is, he believes there is definitely a chance of the Griffons coming out on top.

“The more we can score in transition against them, the better,” he said.

The Griffons will try to improve their record Saturday as they take on the Lions at home.

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