Griffons Enter the Lions’ Den

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On Saturday, the Griffons will have a rematch with the Missouri Southern State Lions in Joplin, Missouri: the Lions’ home turf.

In their previous face-off, the Griffons defeated the lions 61-56. For most of the second half, the two teams were neck and neck, trading leads back and forth until there were two minutes left of the game. From there, Griffons lead the rest of the game by securing a five-point lead.

Though the Griffons show a lot of home game success, the record they hold for away games could be a bit more satisfactory. The players make their feelings on the matter clear, giving short concrete answers, when questioned about it.

“There’s nothing to be satisfied about…” Chelsea Dewey, guard, said.

Guard Sarafina Handy shares mutual feelings on the aspect.

“No, not at all,” Handy says.

The feelings the players share concerning their record only shows how much they really care about not only the individual wins or losses, but the actual game itself.

With each game played, the season moves closer and closer to its end. It would make sense if the Griffons decided to up their game in some way in order to take on the other teams who are likely to be just as determined.

“We just need to play the way we have been… Play harder,” Dewey said.

What Dewey says has some logic in it. Again, looking back on the Griffons’ record, you’ll see that they are 9-3 in home games. If they can manage the same play style during away games, Griffons will have eliminated their only real shortcoming.

Handy felt similar about the team’s overall performance.

“We play well, I would just say to focus more and play harder,” Handy said.

The final verdict seems to be just playing harder. If the Griffons can continue to play well and do what they set out to do, then there should be no problems down the line in future games.

Head coach Rob Edmisson is excited about how the team is closing the regular season.

“It’s exciting how our team is playing,” Edmisson said. “I think during the season you watch teams, and some teams play well early or play well in the middle. You hear coaches say all the time it’s more important how you play at the end. I really think this team, right now, is playing well.”

If the Griffons defeat the Southern Lions on Saturday, their away game record will stand at 2-6 and it will be the second away game to be won in a row. Perhaps it will even signal a turnaround in the Griffons’ away game success.

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