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The Financial Oversight Committee (FOC) formally requested $15,000 from the Student Government Association’s roll-over fund to go to their committee for the purpose of funding student educational trips and conferences at the Feb. 9 SGA meeting.
SGA Financial Director and FOC Chairman Brandon Grieshaber came into the meeting with a $10,000 request on the agenda, but with recent requests from students and organizations, Grieshaber felt the need to raise the request by $5,000.
“This semester, when I came into office, we had about one-third of FOC funding for this year left and the good thing about that is is the name is starting to get out their and people are realizing that we have this money for people to use to go to conferences,” Grieshaber said. “With that we’ve been getting a lot more applications for individual students and organizations requesting money for funding and what we a beginning to see is that as they come in for requests and are approved, our funding is starting to dwindle.”
The FOC, in conjunction with the SGA, provides financial assistance for students and student organizations that wish to expand their education by going on trips to conferences and workshops. They will cover any fees for the conference, lodging costs and travel expenses such as gas.
“If we were to fund our requests this week and the next, we wouldn’t have enough to fund the rest of semester,” Grieshaber said. “Part of the funding of SGA is so we can benefit these students by allowing them to go to these conferences and increase their leadership skills which also reflects well on Missouri Western itself.”
Jacob Teasley, an SGA senator, believes that the SGA needs to draw the line somewhere with the FOC, because their committee continues to raise their budget year-after-year as students continue to learn more about the benefits FOC can offer them.
“I think that we need to be strict with the regulations [on FOC] we already have,” Teasley said.
Teasley proposed that the money could instead be used to fund a project that he and other SGA member have been working on to build a mosaic art structure at the Kelley Commons.
“The project that me and Vice President Tyler O’Neill are working on is a Griffon mosaic, similar to Missouri Southern, who has a brick bear, the bricks form to make a bear head,” Teasley said. “We were going to put it at Kelley Commons where there is a circular sidewalk piece with pie-shaped slabs that looks crappy, its cracked and doesn’t look appealing.”
SGA always looks for student input on their decisions and their meetings are open to any students that wish to attend.
The SGA is scheduled to decide the issue at their meeting February 23 in Blum 220.

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