Caffeine Addiction

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We all know the coffee addiction is too real – I’m sure it’s something most people have experienced at some point.

However, did you know that coffee addiction is now recognized as a disorder? That is how dependent we have become on coffee.

Although caffeine can be an amazing high, coming down from that high can be extremely painful. Not to mention the horrible headache that results from a lack of caffeine. The feeling is equivalent to airplane turbulence or that final exam you “studied” for.

What happens when your daily coffee run turns into the make or break point of your day? Maybe you’ve overdone it and it’s time to cut back on the coffee. Here are a few symptoms you’ll experience:

1. Waking up grumpy at everyone.

You wake up already exhausted and nothing can cure the pounding in your head. There is no right side of the bed when someone is giving up his or her addiction.

What a great way to start the day… not.

2. Trying not to have any human interaction.

You realize you are actually an unpleasant person without your coffee. Everyone annoys you and you don’t even want to be in public.

3. You realize you’ve been addicted to a “drug” for about twenty years.

The struggle is so real and if someone tries to talk to you about it they will be slapped.

4. Anytime you hear the word “Starbucks,” you have a small panic attack.

The withdrawal symptoms are crippling, and you start seeing Starbucks coffee shops everywhere you look.

5. You feel like you’ll never be happy again.

If you knew giving up your coffee addiction would feel paralyzing, you would have never given it up. You now feel crazy because you fantasize of drinking coffee not only in the morning, but every moment of the day.

These notions are consuming you and now affecting your work, so it’s time to go back to drinking coffee… right! RIGHT?! Right?

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